Oh! I Violated Facebook.

Oh dear.

Half a dozen messages from Facebook this morning telling me I have violated them and I’ve had press cuttings cut out.  These tabloid inventions, sorry, factual insights, cover my years as a Madam running massage parlours and escort agencies throughout the home counties, and bring to light the scandal of my spanking royal bottoms and opening brothels in stately homes. (Ah, God bless the Sunday Sport.)

One womans violation is another womans victory, and never the twain shall meet.

Over the past few years, the Labour government and Harriet Harman in particular decided that in these times of reckless recreational sex, in a Britain that is now by far the most promiscuous country of the western world, where 37,000+  girls under 15 get pregnant each year,  it was time organised, safe sexual arrangements between consenting adults was stamped out for good.  Off she went on her mission, to save us all from ourselves.

Brandishing statistical lies about sex trafficking, and declaring that every penetration of a woman, was an act of aggression, Ms Harman set about sending sex workers into a state of panic and confusion.

It is rare for ladies working in properly managed flats or agencies to be violated by their clients. Most punters (as we call them) are charming and well-behaved. It is however now a part of life for sex workers to feel violated on a daily basis by the media, Government and the general public.

Where is the ‘Report’ button that can be pressed by those selling sex when  politicians, church or WI decide that middle class mums in Milton Keynes are violating their sensibilities by providing a naturist massage service? 

Endless petitions with thousands of names have been handed into Downing Street. Escorts, clients, friends and family. All stating that they are being personally violated by political hype and hysteria towards sex workers. All of which have been ignored. A photo of a cleavage, on a social networking site that allows pages dedicated to killing policemen and the hero-worship of mass murderers, causes great consternation.

I could throw my hands in the air, and declare that I don’t know what the world is coming to. trouble is I do know, and I don’t like it that much.

Madam Becky

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