A sneaky preview from ‘Madam’ Chapter 1.

A sneaky preview from ‘Madam’ Chapter 1.

”……. I’ve been told I don’t look like a ‘Madam.’ I’m not really sure what a madam is meant to look like, but I’ve been blessed with some long legged and small waisted genes. Throw in a good education and some cosmetic procedures and in my mid-forties I’m still looking pleasant enough if a tad plumper than I had been.

I don’t arrive to speak clad in rubber or with my knickers on show. Although admittedly for a comedy turn at a rugby club I would wear my infamous PVC catsuit, but that was more for practical purposes than titillation. Rugby club annual dinners always seem to end in a food fight. Dressed in PVC I could be wiped down with a damp cloth and chauffeured home minus the inevitable coating of mashed potato and black forest gateaux.
I genuinely like people. I’m open and honest, but never crude. I would never knowingly upset or embarrass anyone, that’s not my style. I’m more Benny Hill than Ben Dover, maybe with a touch of the Carry On’s and a sneaky Sid James laugh.
Telling my massage parlour tales to a large group of people is a way to help remove stereotypical ideas about the sex industry, not to crack a cheap smutty joke at the public’s expense.
Sensibilities and maiden aunts are safe with me…….. ”

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