Students Turn to Sex Work To Pay Debts

The Big Lotto Fund have given Swansea Uni a lot of money, to enable them, with my help to spend 3 years supporting and keeping safe students who feel they have to turn to sex work to pay their debts. Good stuff. Good people.

The National Lottery Community Fund Blog

Becky Adams, an ex-brothel madam from Wales, explains why she is backing a new piece of research funded by the National Lottery Community Fund into the increase of students working in the sex industry:

As the recession continues to bite and with no sign of the economic gloom letting go, sexual health agencies, academics and the National Union of Students (NUS) are concerned that increasing numbers of students are working in sex markets to pay for their education.

That’s why I’m using my experience of working in the industry to support a National Lottery-funded research project which aims to understand the needs and associated issues of student sex workers and provide them with an innovative new sexual health service. The academic research is spearheaded by experts in the field from Swansea University and aims to provide student sex workers, who live and work in Wales, with advice and support.


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