Escort or Entrepreneur?

Escort or Entrepreneur? 


For those who don’t know me, I’m Becky Adams; most people just call me Madam Becky.

Now a retired madam, I’ve run brothels, escort agencies and adult shops in the UK for the past 2 decades or more.

I wandered, almost accidentally, into the sex industry in the mid 1990’s, starting an out-call escort agency as a co-operative with a group of mums from my daughters school.  It was a very amateurish affair indeed. I knew very little about sex and bugger all about industry.

Someone had to look after the kids, someone had to be the driver for bookings and someone had to do ‘the business’.

Not being overly fond of kids, and kids not being overly fond of me, by default I ended up as the phone answerer / driver / condom buyer and general goffer.

Clueless, when talking to punters, I didn’t even know what the clients were asking for. When a chap enquired if anyone enjoyed ‘doing A levels’. I was confused. I’d hated collage that’s all I knew! Frustrated, the poor man called back without the acronyms and requested anal sex, I thought he said annual, and told him to phone back next year!

For many years my little collection of ladies and I got by on sweet tea and friendship, the girls were earning well, but I made hardly any money.  A tricky childhood and my resulting dislike of physical contact made me a useless escort, but once I’d learnt what the words meant, I was the best in the business at answering the phones. Eventually when we opened the first in-call flat I did all the buttering up whilst my friends did all the bonking.

We trundled along, girls and clients came… and went, came…and went.

Becky kittens we called ourselves.  We saw maybe 5 or 6 clients a day, and I still wasn’t making any money.

Sometime in 2004 after I’d done a bit too much showing off on the telly I got dragged into a small office by the tax man. Convinced I was making millions like other escort agencies he wanted his cut.

I’d thought that running an escort agency was somewhat illegal. He confirmed it was, but he still wanted his cut. Hypocrisy of government, who’d have thought it?

I was confused. We were a group of daft girls having a laugh, we barely covered the costs.  We were just doing some slightly nefarious things with men’s willies, a puppet and some ginger biscuits, that’s not enterprise.

I wasn’t a business person.  I didn’t really have a business did I?  I didn’t know what he was on about.


I was exactly the same as about 98 percent of women in the sex industry, and we’re all wrong.

Most of us get into the sex industry by default, by accident or from desperation.  We start seeing ourselves as sex workers, slightly removed from the rest of ‘normal’ society. Not really in ‘the system’. A sub species like vampires and werewolves, creatures that the law makers don’t want walking the streets on dark nights, frightening the locals.

We keep our heads down and do our own thing, getting by, staying safe and out of trouble.

We forget how amazing we are and how well we do a difficult job with our hands tied if you’ll pardon the pun.

If I went into a formal business group or the Chamber of Commerce, and suggested they ran their businesses by the same rules massage parlours, working flats and escorts have to they’d be squealing like 6 year olds at a Dr Who premier.

Imagine running a newsagents, hairdressers or pie shop like this…

  1. Unable to advertise in most newspapers, and then without website info, opening times etc. at premium rates.
  2. Unable to use Google Adwords or Facebook. Very limited marketing available.
  3. Unable to advertise for staff in most papers.   Prison sentence for suggesting someone joins your team.
  4. Prison sentence for opening up in the morning.
  5. Prison sentence for answering the phones and taking a booking.
  6. Prison sentence for making cups of tea and arranging shortbread on a tray.
  7. Verbal / physical abuse from neighbours.
  8. Police harassment.
  9. Council harassment.
  10. Not able to keep records and monitor business growth safely.
  11. Eating all the paperwork and hiding bin bags of ‘evidence’.
  12. Not being able to contact or direct market to clients in anyway.
  13. Being closed down and moving premises at an hours’ notice.
  14. Repeatedly losing rental deposits, investment capital and client base.
  15. Having no human rights, employment rights, right of redress.
  16. No networking or business mentoring.
  17. Saturated markets and competition that wants to kill you.
  18. Competition that will kill you.
  19. All pervading odour of vanilla air-freshener, baby wipes and sex.(May not apply to pie shops)

Yet, despite all this and more the UK sex industry turns over billlions of pounds a year.


Because we’re all natural entrepreneurs, thinking outside the box, all day every day.

Imagine how much better you’d do if you started applying proven business techniques to your escorting work.

Imagine how much more money you’d make, out selling and outperforming the competition if you studied success strategies.

I know for a fact that applying tried and tested business solutions works wonders, because I did it. I’ll explain by getting back to the story….

I thought successful people were born knowing how to make money. I wasn’t one of them. I knew I was crap. I had some personality traits that were really unhelpful if I wanted to grow my escorting enterprise.

I hated numbers, paperwork, and statistics. I hated everything that didn’t involve laughing with clients or dancing around the brothel wearing frilly knickers on my head singing the Oky Coky, but at least I was honest with myself. I was seriously, shockingly bad at business.

After my run in with the revenue, I thought sod it. If I’m going to get into trouble I may as well make it worth it. I can’t be a wanker all my life.

Someone told me that leaders of industry like Alan Sugar, Richard Branson and a fella called Dan Kennedy wrote about the stuff I needed to know.  Off I went to the library to find myself some books about getting rich.

Well bugger me pink. It looked easy.

Reading these books, I realised that building a successful business is just like baking a cake. Put in the right ingredients, mix properly, bake like they tell you and hey presto! A cake! Didn’t matter if you’re a hooker or a plumber, the same rules applied.

It may take a few goes of following the recipe to get it looking and tasting just right, but keep at it, and it will. Trust me.

After a bit of re-branding, re marketing and getting to grip with my own wankiness, I grew my business ‘Madam Becky’s’ by 800 percent in two years. I was amazed.

So now I’m on a mission.  I want to help other escorts, parlours or agencies to become more successful. I want sex workers to start seeing themselves as business people, who are already achieving more with less than most other business people out there.

I believe that the best thing about being an escort is that it gives you choices.

Done correctly, escorting can be a period of your life where you earn more money and have more freedom than most of the population. Use it wisely. Realise your potential, educate yourself and expand your horizons.

Seeing yourself as an entrepreneur and learning new business skills will increase your income and help you plan an exit strategy if you ever wish to change career.  You’re half way there already!

If I can do it, you can do it! Let’s do it together!

Email me at for monthly escort business updates.

Or check out  for business mentoring for escorts and agencies in the UK.

Read more about how I built my business and my adventures during 2 decades of bawdy housekeeping in the wonderful, must read book…

MADAM-Prostitutes, Punters and Puppets. My memoirs of a very British brothel is available in paperback or Kindle from Amazon. Winner of The Erotic Awards ‘Publication of the Year 2012’.

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