Madam Becky. Sexpert, Public Speaker & Author.

I am lucky to have been good at 2 things in life. Organising prostitutes and polishing concrete.
You’ll find my biog all over the internet, tracing my last 20 years running brothels, pole dancing clubs, sexy limo services and adult shops. I now teach high-end decorative finishes for concrete floors, when I’m not answering questions about oral sex on-line, or testing dildos.
My biog makes fun and interesting reading, and I wouldn’t have missed a day. The truth really is stranger than fiction, and the people were amazing, even the awful ones.
I closed the brothel doors behind me in 2009, fed up with the dangerous legal changes being forced on the UK sex industry, to focus on my writing and public speaking.
Like anyone who’s ended a career that has filled their lives I have had the big identity crisis. Being an ex-Madam, mother, granny and construction industry instructor just can’t plug the hole.
As a natural show-off and public inconvenience I find being an author and the new social networking craze god-sent. You may be seeing more of Madam Becky in the near future or follow me on Facebook…!/madambecky

See you there!

Madam Becky xx

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